A Methodic Approach

What happens when you need to protect your valuable new or existing asset(s)?  We can help.  Our technical staff has experience in designing the right cathodic protection system for your asset.

Proposed Facility & Records Review:

CEI will review construction design drawings to identify initial information about the proposed facility and determine required field testing for the design process.

Field Testing:

CEI will conduct all necessary field testing and on-site facility routing / location observations.

Design Process & Documentation:

Next, we will conduct design calculations to determine the best cathodic protection system for the facility.  CEI will provide identify test station types and locations, viable rectifier and anode bed locations, isolation kit locations, and design calculations.

Once the CP design and component locations are agreed upon, we will provide a final report with all calculations and datasheets to support the design.

Technology Recommendations:

We will also identify areas were technology can improve record-keeping and monitoring through the installation of remote monitoring units at rectifier and test station locations.


Finally, we will conduct all necessary testing for commissioning your new CP system and confirming all CP components are properly functioning.