Christopher O’Connell

VP, Engineering

Christopher O’Connell is the Vice President of Operations and Managing Partner of Corrosion Engineering International, LLC.  He has more than eight years of direct experience in transmission integrity management and corrosion control engineering.  He has extensive knowledge in all of the regulatory requirements for 49 CFR Part 192 subpart I and O and compliance measures.

 Without a consistent focus on developing the technical teams’ expertise and deploying those capabilities, corrosion will continue to deteriorate our vital infrastructure leading to the degradation of our way of life and lead to the loss of life and property.” – Christopher O’Connell

As VP of Operations, Mr. O’Connell is responsible for leading the dynamic technical team of cathodic protection and corrosion control professionals to resolve our clients’ needs; compliance surveys, cathodic protection system evaluations, and cathodic protection designs.

NACE International

  • Certifications (#26609)
    • Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP-4)
    • Cathodic Protection Technologist (CP-3)
    • Cathodic Protection Technician (CP-2)
    • Cathodic Protection Tester (CP-1)
  • Courses
    • CP Interference