CORROSION ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, LLC strives to provide the highest quality and value to meet our clients’ needs.  We achieve this through our established Corporate Values, Vision, and Mission, which aligns our professional goals to achieve the best results.

Corporate Values     

Corrosion Engineering International, LLC’s corporate vision is based on the framework of the critical common values expressed here:

Our balanced focus for these values set the stage for excellent results.


Corrosion Engineering International, LLC is a consulting service. Our clients are the focal point of our efforts. Our goal is to understand our clients’ needs so that we can provide them with quality resources and solutions that match their specific requirements.  CEI strives to develop long term strategic alliances with our clients and in order to do so we listen, and we respond.


We understand Innovation enables and motivates new ideas that provide an opportunity for creativity and guidance in leadership.   Innovation engages us in activities that are productive and pertinent to our business and fuels progress for continuous improvements.


The Corrosion Engineering International standard of quality is excellence. CEI and quality are inseparable and uncompromising. We will achieve our standard of quality when:

•  We strive to identify and understand for any task the motivation, standard for success, and requirements.

•  We competently communicate the desired need and related result.

•  We focus our resources to meet the tasks’ requirements and measure our performance accordingly.


People are the most important resource contributing to our company’s success.  With an eye on quality, we seek out and engage best possible people and provide an environment that encourages the development of the best in individual and team performance.


Our focus to achieve excellent results will enable us to satisfy the needs of our clients and employees.  Results enable us to secure the stability and independence of our company and to protect and increase the value of our shareholder’s investment.

Corporate Mission      

Corrosion Engineering International will strive to provide innovative corrosion control solutions, technologies, and resources to meet the mutually agreed upon needs of each client.

Corporate Vision      

Highest quality and cost-effective corrosion protection solutions and consulting are derived from:

•  A comprehensive understanding of our client needs

•  Timely and valuable recommendations & solutions

•  Thorough data analysis beginning with field collection

•  Maximized value to clients with maximally efficient costs